Sunday, February 15, 2015

Strung out on string art

I hope everyone had a super Valentine's Day filled with whatever and whomever you love!  

I started my day at a Valentine's Party hosted by the town's recreation department.  Luckily, my friend Ben Franklin hooked me up with supplies for String Art.  

1/2 foam core board
one inch nails

I started off cutting the foam into squares about 9 inches by 9 inches.  To do this I used a serious looking box cutter and a mat behind it so I didn't add stripes to my floor. 

Scarlette is quite handy with a box cutter.
Next, I cut fabric to be about 11x11 inches.  The important thing is that it is long enough to secure in the back.  I used tape but a crafty diva really should be using fabric glue for this.  It is on my wish list (along with my own glue gun).

This red heart here is a foam cut out that I used as a template.  I just placed it on my board, and stuck nails in it all the way around.  I spaced mine about an inch apart.  At the Kid's party, some of them stuck them a little closer and it just takes more nimblosity in the fingers to be able to later wrap the string around each one.  Make sure you take the template off after your nails are placed or it will be stuck!

Unfortunately, after this step I got so into the craft that I forgot to take progress photos.  My technique for stringing was this:  Tie your string to one nail, and then wrap around each nail as you outline your shape.  I did this to be sure it really looked like a heart when I was done.  After you outline the heart, then the fun zigzagginess commences.  The stringing took about five minutes and it was REALLY fun.  When I finished, I just cut the string, and tied it off to a random intersection of string in the art, rather than to a nail.  Since I was using foam instead of wood for the 'canvas', the nails would have been a little wobbly if I wasn't careful about how much tension I had on them.

This is what I came up with.  It is a Valentine/President's Day inspired work of craft.

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  1. Cool! I can see some shamrocks or Easter eggs in the future.