Monday, February 9, 2015

Just another snowy Monday...

Back before all this white stuff started falling from the sky, I used to actually leave the house.  How did I ever get anything done that way?  This morning was beautiful and quiet, and with 2 skeins of Katia Dulce Plus and two hours in my bed, I knit myself into a state of quiet reverie.  (By the way, reverie is a 12 point word in Scrabble and Words with Friends and can alternatively be spelled: revery.)

The price tag says $8.00 but Katia yarns are currently 50% off so the whole project costs only $8, and I found the pattern on Ravelry for free:
The designer of the Drop Stitch Cowl, Abi Gregorio, aka spiderwomanknits has a couple of very well-written, easy to follow patterns available for free on Ravelry. Check her out!

This cowl is knit in the round with size 13 circular needles, and is basically a garter stitch piece with some yarn overs thrown in, and of course some dropping of stitches.  I love dropping stitches!  Who doesn't? If you haven't made anything with dropped stitches before, try the Drop Stitch Cowl.

After 2 hours of knitting, and listening to a very confusing podcast on philosophy, I ended up with this!

I love the spring colors that will really pop in our landscape of gray and white.  And I think this cowl will be really warm and snowman compatible as it is half wool and half acrylic, though I think I might wait until tomorrow to brave the outdoors.  Gotta love NY in February!

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